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Welcome to Four Café

Four Café harvests the freshest organic ingredients the community has to offer, and Chef Michelle Wilton transforms them into inventive yet comforting seasonal dishes. Inspired by a desire to nurture the body and the mind, Four Café is committed to buying locally from Farmers Markets, using a Slow Food cooking approach, and providing a high level of service in a relaxed atmosphere. Four Café brings natural to your plate while keeping nature intact...

Chef/Owner Michelle Wilton’s passion for

cooking began in Northern California at the

age of 6. You could always find her sneaking

into the pantry to gather ingredients for

chocolate chip cookies. She trained at the

California Culinary Academy in San Francisco

and, after coming to Los Angeles in 2001,

she worked at L’Orangerie, Patina, and Sona.

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Artist/ Owner Corey Wilton

Our dedication to green business practices has led us to use reclaimed wood in the dining room, used equipment in the kitchen, and energy efficient appliances.