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heirloom tomato gazpacho cup 4.5 bowl 7

roasted red peppers, topped with cucumbers,

balsamic reduction (vegan)

summer squash cup 4 bowl 6.5

puree of summer squash, garbanzo beans & tahini (vegan)

red curry chicken cup 5 bowl 7.5

red bell pepper, corn, mushrooms, in a red curry broth

shrimp & fennel cup 6 bowl 8.5

fennel, shallots, brandy glazed shrimp


picado salad half 7 full 12

romaine, garbanzo beans, grilled corn, avocado, cucumber

kalmata olives, sheep’s milk feta, basil tahini dressing

chopped miso tofu half 7 full 12

chopped miso chicken half 8 full 13

cabbage, crispy shallots, chives, almonds, miso vinaigrette

bbq chicken half 8 full 13

watercress, romaine, haricort vert, red onion, goat cheese

avocado, buttermilk dressing

southwest steak half 8 full 13

romaine, spinach, roasted red & yellow peppers, avocado

corn, jicama, honey jalapeño lime dressing

grilled jamaican mahi half 8 full 13

mixed greens, jerk marinated mahi, mango, avocado

citrus dressing


roasted eggplant pita 9

spiced chickpeas, kale, feta, mint yogurt sauce

jerk tempeh 10

jerk marinated tempeh, avocado, red onion, cashew cheese

arugula (vegan)

grilled chicken 10

hummus, grilled zucchini, goat cheese, balsamic

mixed greens

hawaiian bbq pork 10

house made mango bbq sauce, napa cabbage

house made hawaiian sweet bun

grilled fish burger 13

mahi mahi, heirloom tomato, cheddar cheese, tarter slaw

sandwich/salad combo 15

add a deli case salad to a sandwich 3

Deli Case

quinoa 8oz 4 16oz 8

grilled corn, cilantro, scallions, lemon vinaigrette

fruit salad 8oz 4 16oz 8

summer fruit salad with marcona almonds & arugula

watermelon tomato 8oz 4 16oz 8

heirloom tomato, sheep’s milk feta, mint, almonds

fingerling potato 8oz 4 16oz 8

egg, capers, cornichons, red wine vinaigrette

haricort vert 8oz 4 16oz 8

fennel, asparagus, ricotta salata, truffle vinaigrette

deli case tasting three items 9

Kids Menu

crustless peanut butter and jelly 4

grilled cheese 5

shaved chicken sandwich 5.25

penne pasta, veggies, olive oil or butter 4.5

mac n’ cheese 5

egg salad sandwich 4

mini bbq chicken salad 4.5


lemon verbena pot de creme 3

strawberry graham tartlets 3

blueberry cheesecake squares 3

apricot cobbler 3

brownies 3

cookies 3

cupcakes 3

Bulgarini gelato 3

daily dessert specials


House Made All Natural Sodas 3

strawberry limeade 3

strawberries, lime, agave, sparkling water

peach gingerade 3

peach, ginger, agave, sparkling water

mint lemonade 3

hibiscus honey iced tea 3

iced jasmine mint tea 3

iced black tea 2

sparkling water 3

Jones coffee 3

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